Globalisation on every level of economy and society require highly qualified, internationally and interdisciplinary trained graduates. To keep pace with these developments, it is important for young people to have a deep understanding of current technology trends and at the same time acquire new skills and broaden their expertise.

The M.Sc. course "Print and Media Technology", taught in English, is a 2-year, full-time Master's degree programme with focus on new printing and media technologies. Being a hybrid field of study, the course draws upon a wide range of disciplines. Print and Media Technology is no classical course of mechanical engineering, but a course, which covers a highly modern crosssectional field. It requires extensive knowledge in mechanical engineering and electronics as well as physical and chemical principals. With input from both academia and industry, the programme's interdisciplinary curriculum is uniquely designed to be relevant in many rapidly growing and diversifying markets. Through team-based, industry- as well as research-facing projects, students develop the professional skills required to become practitioners, managers or scientists in the printing and media industry or to pursue PhD studies. With the possibility to study for one semester abroad and thereby receive two full Master's degrees, students are able to maintain a distinct competitive edge, opening the doors to excellent career opportunities.